Meet the friendly faces behind our team at

Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic 


Dr Susan

Practice Owner (B.V.Sc. (hons))

Dr Susan Bilbow has been one of our resident veterinarians at our branch clinic in Pinjarra since 2012. Susan opened the Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic as a brand new clinic in 2014 with her husband Aaron.

Susan and Aaron are ruled by 2 dogs (Harold and Patches), 2 horses (Max and Asaad), and 3 beautiful children.

Callum Fletcher

Veterinarian (BScDVM)

Hi, I'm Callum and I started working at Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital after graduating from Murdoch University in 2019. Working as a vet at a small animal practice has always been my goal. I have shared my life with various pet cats, dogs, and even rats. Currently, I have three cats (Diva, Delilah, and Scamper) and a rescue kelpie cross (Lucy). I have a keen interest in music and sport and while not at work, I enjoy camping and finding new places to explore with Lucy. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Pinjarra Veterinary Hospital so far and I am looking forward to continuing to provide the best level of care I can for the pets I get to meet and treat.


Registered Veterinary Nurse & Practice Manager (Cert IV Veterinary Nurse)

Hi, my name is Peta & I’m a Veterinary Nurse at Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic. I’ve been here since September 2017, prior to this I worked casually at a mixed animal clinic for 2 & 1/2 years.
After some health issues with Zinger my quarter horse in 2014, I realised that I had a passion for animal healthcare and the upmost respect for what Veterinary staff do every day. I was always so fascinated in the way the vet team would work, always asking questions. I was so intrigued that this was enough for me to apply for the certificate 4 in Veterinary nursing course in 2015 via South Metro TAFE and it's been the best thing I’ve ever done! When not at work I’m kept very busy with my 3 English Bull Terriers (Major, Chillie & Bonnie), 3 horses (Zinger, Zach & Chaos) & my Stimson Python, Bliss. If you have a Bull Terrier that comes to our clinic, you’d have probably met me.

Alexandra (Ali)

Senior Vet Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing )

My names Ali, I joined the team at Ravenswood Vets in 2013 when the clinic opened. There are so many things I love about being a Veterinary Nurse, but I have a particular interest and love for senior pets and their healthcare, I just can't get enough of their little grey faces!

I was born and raised in Pinjarra and have always loved the area! I currently share my life with my two mixed breeds dogs Hank and Rebel and am currently studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology at Charles Sturt University to further my education in Veterinary Care. 


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse)

What is the most exciting / rewarding part of your job?
Practicing medicine and continuously learning to advance my clinical skills to return patients to sound health. There is nothing more rewarding than a patient coming to you, whatever the case and improving their quality of life.

What pets do you have:
I unfortunately currently do not have any pets, however I love my partners dog and cats

Who inspires you?
David Attenborough and Dr Monique Robinson

Favourite quote:
I'm not over-fond of animals. I am merely astounded by them.


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing )

What is the most exciting / rewarding part of your job?
Annoying my team with my jokes.......
Working with cats and their owners to help ease the anxiety, cuddling chihuahua's too!

What pets do you have:
Maple - 12 years old - Domestic Short Hair Tabby
Ocean - 5 month old - Chihuahua

Who inspires you?
My Mum - she is always positive and brings positive energy to those around her.
My Team - I feel very lucky to work with such a supportive and kind team, they inspire me every day.

Favourite quote or joke:
Why does it take Pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
Because they can spend years at C

What is blue and looks like a bucket?
A Blue bucket

What did the ocean say to the Pirate?
Nothing, it just waved


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nurse )

Hi I’m Tamarah.
I have been a qualified Veterinary Nurse since 2019, and I recently joined the Pinjarra & Ravenswood Veterinary Team in July 2022. I have a passion for helping to heal an animal back to health and for helping comfort their family during that stressful time. I enjoy helping to improve an animal’s quality of life through rehabilitation therapies and behavioural training.
My fur babies include; Lukah the Westie, Roux the Ridgeback, Sammie and Zoe the horses and Hamish, Andy and Romeo the alpacas.


Trainee Veterinary Nurse

What is the most exciting / rewarding part of your job?
Getting to learn every day and working with such a knowledgeable and friendly team.

What pets do you have:
Radar - 14 years old - Domestic Short Hair

Favourite quote:
"Life is too short to do the things you don't love doing" - Bruce Dickinson


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse )


What is the most exciting / rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is thinking outside the box to help solve or make better a problem for our clients and their pets. Especially when it comes to training and behaviour. Exploring lots of my product knowledge and providing as much information as i can that i have collected over the years, Helping our clients and patients to the best of my abilities in all ways possible.

What pets do you have:
Halco - English Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 5 years old
Layla - Australian Kelpie - 10 months old

Who inspires you?
My patients inspire me to give them the best care that I can. Also everyone who I have met along the way of my journey, giving me the time to teach and help me learn into the nurse I am today inspire me.

Favourite quote: 
Be the colour in a black and grey world.

Favourite joke:
How does an octopus fight?
Well armed.

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