Ravenswood Small Animal Clinic

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Nail Clipping

We offer a nail clipping service for all pets. Nail clipping is an important part of a grooming routine, for if an animal's nails are not maintained and become overgrown they can cause many issues and even be quite uncomfortable for your pet. 

Sometimes nail clipping can be quite scary for a pet who has never had their nails trimmed before or for an animal that has had a previous experience with nail clipping that caused them pain. We believe in creating a fear free experience which means each time your pet has their nails trimmed it will be less and less scary!

If you are wanting to cut your pet's nails at home but are unsure how are nurses are always happy to teach you how in one of our nail trim consults. Remember that the "quick" that contains nerves and blood vessels often grows with the nails, if your pets nails are very long it is likey the quick is also quite long. Luckily as your pet has regular nail trims the quick will recede over time allowing the nails to be shorter and shorter each time. 

We do recommend that nail trims are done regularly so your pet can get used to the procedure and to avoid discomfort and painful nail breaking injuries. How often your pet needs their nails trimmed will vary with each animal. 

Large dogs that are often excercised on hard surfaces will not need regular trimmings as their nails are worn down on the hard surface. Older or smaller dogs will need their nails trimmed quite often as they aren't often running on hard surfaces as often to wear them down. 

Cats nails can be trimmed but we recommend talking to someone before doing so. Often you will want to trim a cats nails as they are scratching the furniture, but this can often increase the undesired behvaiour as they will feel they need to sharpen their nails. If your cat is scratching at your furniture you will need to provide them with plenty of scratching poles and toys or use a product such as Feliscratch. In regards to cats that visit the outdoors, their nails may be what saves them from a dangerous situation like climbing a tree to escape a dog.