Kitten Kindy


Does My Kitten need Kitten Kindy 

We are all aware of the ever so popular "Puppy Pre-School" but why don't we see an equivalent for our feline friends?
Commonly it is forgotten that cats love to learn, play and explore as much as their canine counterparts. Australian cat owners are choosing more often to keep their kitties indoors with the benefit of keeping them and our wildlife safe.
Although this is great news for your cat’s health, it can often lead to boredom and occasionally unwanted behavioural problems such as inappropriate urination, unwanted scratching and always begging for food.

Having your kitten participate in a Kitten Kindy class as early as possible will teach your kitten not to be afraid of travelling in the car, vet visits, being held by different people and much more. This will mean your cat will be less likely to face new obstacles in life with fear and anxiety, and rather be confident to take on new challenges like moving houses and new additions to the family such as babies or pets.

Our kitten Kindy is aimed at kittens less than 14 weeks of age as this is the most important time of brain development for your kitten regarding socialisation and the ability to accept learning.

Want to know more about our Kitten Kindy classes? Pop in and have a chat to our friendly team to book your kitten in for our next available class.

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